Catch fire with our matches.

Arputham matches one of the Leading Safety Matchbox Manufacturing & exporting Companies and India's Best Safety Matches Industry. Exports Best Quality household, long matchsticks, Wax safety matches, Kitchen safety matches from India. We are a leading safety matchbox wholesale manufacturer and to export the international market.

Safety Matches

Kitchen safety matches are standard household matches that are greater and can hold the fire for longer.

Safety Matches

We Arputham Our scope of wax matches coordinates is made with tissue paper and paraffin wax.

Safety Matches

Our long stick matches are protected to utilize, helpful and produced using quality-tried.


Consistently high-quality output

Get the perfect light every time with Arputham Match boxes! Our match boxes are designed to deliver consistent high quality output and are made with the highest quality materials to ensure reliable performance. Whether you're lighting a candle or creating a campfire, you can trust Arputham's match boxes to provide you with the perfect light every time.

Certified company

A certified company is a company that has achieved a certain level of success.

Our experience

Ours experienced with exports of products since 2016.


Good Quality & On-Time Delivered.